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About me

As a former runner at an elite-level I learned to appreciate the body work of massage therapists. I want to offer the same comfort these experts gave to me. My work starts from a thorough understanding of the effects of touch. Massages are built up from global to local and from soft to intense. The experience of the customer is central. Through good communication before, during and after the massage as much effect as possible (more precisely, deep relaxation)  is the aim of every session. I use two principles, building up from Global to Local and from Soft to Intense.



A session starts with a functional assessment of problematic regions. Warming up is global, assesses tension and covers the complete region. Strokes and deeper work soften the zone. The further a session advances the more local the massage gets. 

Going from global to local, is applied in single sessions, as well as over series of sessions. A first session will be more global, to direct attention in further sessions to specific regions.

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Giving massages is about building up. The first contact is gentle. Both masseur and customer get to know each other. Effleurages (strokes) warm the muscles up. Every stroke is effective and aimed at preparing for the deeper work. Petrissages form the next step. This work makes muscles, ligaments and fasciae souple and ready for the most intense technique, frictions. Specific regions are targeted. Again pressure is built up.

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Sport massage 


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